2018 Board Members


Joann Frasier Dasent - Founder/CEO

After a longtime interest in art and folk tradition, a passion for community service, founder/artist director Joann Frasier Dasent aka Auntie Jo Jo decided to start a non-profit organization combining her interest in the oral tradition with art, theater and music with the desire to empower youth.


Ronald Dasent - Treasurer/Photographer

Ronald is a manager during the day and a lifelong photographer during his spare time. He has taken countless memorable photos of the youth over the years.

"There is one thing the photographer must contain, the humanity of the moment."

~Robert Frank


Adrienne J. Gaymon - Secretary

A supporter and volunteer of the program since its conception in 2008. Adrienne is currently employed at Myers Elementary School and works with students in the classroom. Adrienne's daughter Jasmine was one of the first youth to be a part of the Sankofa Youth Theatre and Creative Arts.

Youth Liaisons

Mrs. Martha M. Woods R.N., MS. Psychology


A retired employee of the Philadelphia School District she is widowed with three children and one grandson. Since her retirement she has been tutoring children at Pennypacker Elementary School in reading. She loves praise dance and theater. We are blessed to have her as a mentor for our youth. In April 2016 she received The Sarah Bass Allen Award of Achievement. 

Lydia Robison


Lydia has years of experience contributing to the youth through various camps, classrooms and community based programs. She is the founder of Scene-N-Action Productions Company, Inc. (SNAP C0) which is a non-profit performing arts and outreach program for children. She has a passion for encouraging and impacting youth all over through her God given talents.

Michael Frasier


   Imagine being a mailman and having a walking route where you get to hear stories as well as share  some in return. "Mike the Mailman" would make a great title for a children's book. Since its conception Mike has been a generous donor to the organization. Look out for his best seller, in the near future.