Mission and Vision

Mission Statement


  • To convey the art of storytelling in the development and promotion of literacy
  • To support and enhance the reading fluency of children from grades through 4th Grade.
  • To assist young people in developing self-esteem and positive self-awareness through the writing monologues and fables. 
  • To inspire community elders to share their precious memories one story at a time.


 To serve the community, build constituency and lay groundwork for achieving long-term goals  

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Vision Statement

Roots’ long-term goal is to develop the self-sustaining programs, constituency and funding in support of staff and programs.  

  • To develop, with a staff of retired teachers through local library affiliations, the pilot program Storytelling in the Classroom.
  • To establish a permanent location where program development for children, youth and elders will become a community resource.
  • To plan and develop funding opportunities needed to create and implement these programs.